QUADRIGATO Every year we select the best grapes of our production which flow into the project Quadrigato.

Almost 50 acres of the Agricultural Society Terrenovae located in the municipalities of Guardia Sanframondi, Torrecuso and Venticano, are intended solely for the production of Quadrigato:

our project in the wine sector.

It is a strong project born at a well precise time in our lives, a time when the diversity of human and professional experiences, converge into a single aim with ideas, encouragement and enthusiasm which, as well as generating a communion of intent, outline the style and philosophy of Quadrigatus.

The key elements of this style and this philosophy are also well defined at the communication level by our graphic design, a logo based on an ancient Roman coin, the Quadrigato that on one of the two sides, reproduces the effigy of Janus the God symbolized in his dual-faced image.

In its depictions Janus is always characterized by two heads held together by the neck; the esoteric and mythological significance attributed to him, always takes on aspects of duality as Death and Rebirth, Beginning and End, Past and Future. The face of the Present is always hidden because it cannot be represented since before it is depicted it is already future, soon after it inexorably becomes past. This continuous recurrence of Past and Future becomes the inseparable pair on which our business runs, from the vineyard to the wine, a cyclic series of vintages and seasons, of pruning and grape harvests, of fermentation and bottling, of Starting and Ending as well as a whole series of transitions that are themselves inevitably Past and Future.

Maybe this is the reason why in our life as in the vineyard or in the cellar, we do try to create definite situations,….situations which in any way cling us to the Present.

The style and Quadrigato philosophy are born from this awareness. We do not aspire to act as characters, we do not think to change the rules of the universe. Quadrigato is an attempt to interpret the Past and the Future understood as Tradition and Innovation, living each and every Beginning and End ... as a new season, a new harvest ... and as a new opportunity to grow and improve ourselves... always in harmony with the past and always with a strong desire for renewal. After all, living our land and our wines with intensity, with passion ... at times even with anger, ... in the end leads us to slow the time down …..to build up longer and more defined moments which give us the perception or the illusion of the present…… ... Maybe it's just a moment ... but it is a moment that returns!

It is a new beginning ...